My Name is Allison

My name is Allison.

I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a co-worker and an employee.

I like to tell the truth.

I don’t have it all together and am somewhat annoyed by those that seemingly do.

I am constantly being pulled different directions by my inner health nut and sweet-a-holic, runner and couch potato, organizer and slob.

I care about people a lot but kind of suck a friend.

I’m a nerd and a drop out.

I hate reality TV and love LOST.

I like to look at animals but not touch them.

I’m into a lot of weird hippy stuff, but probably not enough to please the crunchy’s.

I am a follower of Christ and struggle constantly to figure out what that means.

I am insanely conservative and shockingly liberal.

I am fascinated by science, especially biology.

I would like to say I’m a recovering performance-a-holic, but am honestly not sure I’m recovering.

I fight hoarder-ish tendencies with a vengeance.

I don’t always finish what I start.

This is my blog.

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